Glass + Straw Set Bundle


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For all our queens who are after both our glass set and straw set at a discounted price, this bundle is for you!

This bundle includes:

2x 485mL soda can shaped glasses 

3x reusable glass straws, 2 straight and 1 bent + a straw cleaner


These glasses are not only simple, classic and luxe - but act as a little extra motivation everyday detailed with our favourite motto on the front of the glass reading: 

'Do it for the future you."

Both glasses in the set are 485mLs, so they are the perfect size for your morning coffee, greens, smoothie, matcha, iced chocolate, bubble tea, soft drinks, fun cocktails or ice cold water!

  • 2x soda can shaped glasses 
  • 485mL size, slimline design
  • Reusable
  • Beautifully detailed with our brand's favourite motto
  • Securely packaged in shipping box

Care: Please hand wash both glasses only to prevent fading. 

Our reusable glass straws come in a pack of three (1 bent, 2 straight) with a cleaning brush. We know that every drink requires a different size of straw, so we made each straw is a slightly different width for every type of drink! Eco friendly, no metal aftertaste, BPA free, plastic free and dishwasher safe. 

Perfect for smoothies, iced coffees, juices, milkshakes and really just to make drinking water more fun! 

Care: The straws are of course made from glass, so please handle with care! They are dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing with warm soapy water and your straw cleaner to best take care of them. 

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